ive been kidnapped by an xraymachine

www.thexraymachines.tumblr.com is where i post regular stuff but i am going to get this back up off the ground. i promise.


too long

beeen way too long between posts. ive got one problem, i dont have photoshop at the moment. dear santa, please bring me photoshop. thats all.

going to noosa and then the solomon islands. cya in a few weeks with some epicly nice peeektures.

in the mean time check this blog out its awesome http://thexraymachines.tumblr.com/



oh and merry xmas and all that



It is important you vote for Noah in this comp. Get him $50,0000 yeeeeeeah

It takes 3 minutes to do it, come on you know you all have enough time. He shreds and deserves it way more than any of us. You can vote everyday so while your creeping the book why not help a brother out


here are a few pics i took of him the other week



and remember kids - smoking kills


Graduate exhibition

In a show this thursday, come on over and see my work. and everyone elses. you know id come see yours. also having drinks before it at my house. do itttttt


Past few

Been working day and night to finish up my uni folio last few weeks. come out epic and fully stoked with the final product. get down to the exhibition next thursday at QCA to get your greedy eyes on it.

Got myself a job as a driver for the next few days on the farewell Powderfinger tour. Always a pleasure to drive them around, all legends. Stoked about my job title too.

Other pic is Noosa, from last weekend where i became the froth monster. Was awesome shooting in the water with everyone out there. Wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. Yeeeeah Noosa.

oh and if you read this today go see joel birch's show tonight at 9lives gallery in the valley. Photos and illustrations. should be epic, the guy has talent and loads of it.


el testo

Test shot for upcoming fashion shoot

Check out the designer (and step in model)'s blog http://mayasundari.blogspot.com